Athens heavyweights Kin Corruption return with new single

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Greek hardcore band KIN CORRUPTION returns with the first piece of new music since 2017. The band is pleased to announce the release of the video for the single titled “BROTHERS”, which finds them at their peak with renewed energy and a creative arsenal full of groovy riffs.

Inspired by their predecessors in the international hardcore punk scene, who always talked about unity, KIN CORRUPTION realizes the tumultuous times we live in and stresses the need for people to finally come together. “The main reason behind composing the song is the sense of unity and solidarity we want to convey to every single person in our scene”, comments vocalist Giannis B. “As a band, we strongly believe that the success and advancement of our scene is heavily dependent on collective actions. Besides, creating a wider group of friends with like-minded individuals, outside of cliques, has always been a goal since the band’s inception”.

The single features guest vocals by Devrim “Defnight”, from the Berlin hardcore band Blood Shot Down. KIN CORRUPTION says about the collaboration: “For this track, we decided to work with Blood Shot Down from Berlin. We met in 2017 in Athens, when we both performed with Nasty, and we’ve been close since. It was only natural that we reached out to them to bring our vision to life and also to promote our message outside our borders”.

The video, filmed during the lockdown, consists of KIN CORRUPTION performance shots and cameos from bands from the Greek scene as well as Blood Shot Down themselves. “The trigger for the creation of the video was the lockdown due to Covid-19 and we figured this would be a great way to mobilize the bands in our local scene and find a way to come together again. So, we reached out to a handful of them from all over the country and asked them to film excerpts of the song. The positive reactions we got were immediate and exceeded all our expectations, proving that music is always one of the best ways of communication”.

“Brothers” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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