Album premiere: A RIVER CROSSING’s second album “Forsaken”

Postrock as a base, but transformed to a much bigger scale. A River Crossing know how to melt the boundaries of genres. A River Crossing are feeling, anchor and tristesse but nevertheless, hopefulness too. A River Crossing is not façade and they like to twist the knife… Multifarious arrangements combined with catchy melodies, warm tapestry of sound with cool directness, postrock with indie and shoegaze. Because patterns are made to be broken – so are song structures. The music of this swiss band is allowed to take time and to curl and to struggle just to turn the direction. Every song tells its own story which climaxes either in a great finale or fades out contemplatively. With this new album, A River Crossing prove again that they do not follow trodden paths.

“Forsaken”, the second full-length album of A River Crossing is describing life from a uncertain point of view. A piece about the thoughts of forsaken humans but also hopeful imaginations. The songs are single stories, woven to a web that illuminates life from different angles. The essence is the realization to not lose focus on the essential: Life itself.

Link to buy the album:!PR and the tracklist:

1. Ashes
2. Hidden
3. Torn
4. Death
5. Spines
6. Tar

FFO: Talk Talk, Mogwai, Thrice, Death Cab For Cutie, The Intersphere, Caspian, Explosions In The Sky, Efterklang.

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