Das Oktober Metalfest returns for 2021

Mark your calendar: the Das Oktober Metalfest 2021 returns on October 2nd. Unfortunately the 2020 edition could not take place due to the known problem, but we will catch up! Fortunately we were able to bring a few bands to 2021 and new names.

You still have enough time to recharge, so that we can turn the 2021 edition into one big party!

Who better to complete this task than Korpiklaani? Right, the masters of Finnish folk metal come to our festival. With numbers like; "Beer,Bbeer" and "Jägermeister" have come to the right place. Korpiklaani has the dances and sing-along choruses that turn their shows into an unforgettable party.

The horns can take to the air at Destruction. The German thrashers have ultimate classics to their name with "Infernal Overkill" (1985) and "Eternal Devastation" (1986). Destruction already guaranteed a cool show, but with the addition of a second guitarist, the band sounds really cool live! "Thrash" Till Death!".

We would also like to welcome Evile's fellow thrashers! The West Yorkshire band has become an established name in the thrash scene. In April 2021 they will release a new record "Hell Unleashed". Time to head bang with a beer in hand.

When we talk about beer, we are also talking about Tankard (beer mug) at the same time! Germany's self-proclaimed "Kings of Beer" are also coming to Das Oktober Metalfest. Since their 1986 debut with the boozy “Zombie Attack”, the band's signature mix of punk, thrash and speed metal has remained unchanged, with only a few line-up changes here and there. A balance between humor and technical acumen has been found, Tankard's thrash has endured for more than three decades, with highlights on 1995's The Tankard, 2004's “Beast of Bourbon” and 2017's “One Foot in the Grave”. The music is and remains wonderfully recognizable and thrashy.

If you are not yet in a corny mood that day, Nanowar Of Steel will drag you in. These Italians hilariously combine comedy and heavy metal. They put on an over-the-top parody show, but take it very seriously. A big smile on your face guaranteed!

Besides that big smiling crack on your face, we also love ripping guitars. The bandits of Pene Corrida steal songs from, for example, Adele, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus and Abba and then transform them into festive headbangers. Dressed up in traditional Mexican attire, they can accommodate any kind of audience, from pop music lovers to metalheads.

You always need a little Motörhead at a good party. Don't worry, Deaf Förever is going to take care of that! They are seen as one of the best Motörhead tribute bands in the low countries. Expect the classics in a smashing live show, played by members of Rompeprop, Violation of Trust, Offerblok and The Mad Cows. Lemmy Kilmister will live forever!

Tickets purchased for 2020 are still valid.

Date: October 02, 2021
Place: Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (NL)
Tickets: €39 (incl. service fee) Regular / €119 VIP (limited to300). Purchase here.
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/dasoktobermetalfest/

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