Review || Everything In Boxes - "Heather" EP


January 15th of 2020 sees the release of Everything in Boxes’ new EP titled “Heather” via the band’s own iwishicouldstay Records. 

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed the work of a band from Germany before, which is a damn shame since there are a lot I’ve discovered or somehow come across, which are amazing. Everything In Boxes are self-titling themselves as an indie emo punk band and it’s completely accurate. They were introduced to me as a band for fans of The Menzingers and, yeah the shoe fits, however once the opening track of this 4-song EP hit, namely "Stranger In My Skin", I was surprisingly met with some major Samiam vibes, which -I hate to admit- is an extreme rarity these days; at least to my knowledge and I consider myself a significant Samiam type of fan. I actually think this is a profoundly distinctive description for anyone like me, who until recently hadn’t heard of Everything In Boxes and it should be enough to make you interested, if this type of music appeals to you. The very melodic vocals, the mid-tempo rhythm section and of course the effervescent presence of the Telecaster-type sound of the guitars is what you’re signing up for with Everything In Boxes, which, by the way, is a great band name. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more bass, but maybe that’s just because I tend to play it and really miss it sometimes in other recordings. Obviously the more you listen to the songs, the more layers you discover, the more resounding the lyrics get and the realisation that a significant amount of work has been produced here becomes all the more evident; truly well done. 

“Heather” is a very welcoming, albeit short, musical start for me in this new year and definitely worth checking out during these bleak times of absolutely no live appearances. Looking forward to a full length soon!      

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