Bad Religion drops new single "Emancipation Of The Mind"

© Alice Baxley

The Californian punk rock heroes Bad Religion have presented a new musical sign of life with "Emancipation Of The Mind". The upbeat track was originally created during the recording of the current studio album "Age Of Unreason", which was released on Epitaph in 2019. "Emancipation Of The Mind", which comes out just in time for the inauguration of the new US President Joe Bidden, can be streamed below:

"I think the song really is a celebration of enlightenment values that can be cultivated through enthusiastic learning and open-mindedness", erklärt Co-Songwriter und Sänger Greg Graffin. "So often we're told what to think. But learning how to think (as opposed to learning what to think) is a true feeling of emancipation from the constraints of indoctrination that are so commonplace in our society."

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