Review || Glance Of Medusa - "Solitude"

Glance Of Medusa is a melodic metalcore 5-piece hailing from Athens, Greece. On December 4th 2020, the band will be presenting the public with their debut full length album, titled "Solitude". 

They say first impressions matter and they are quite right. Opener "Observer" employs a melodic guitar lead that slowly builds up, with the other instruments strategically joining. It's with the first screams that the song manifests a more metallic character. The track boasts a harmonious chorus, with the clean vocals being on point. "On The Sidelines" follows. Soaring guitars are at the forefront, enrobed in a synth melody and underpinned by heavy drumwork. It's not difficult to tell that these boys have a very good knowledge of their genre and that they have assimilated their influences quite well, giving them a personal twist. The most recent single "Define Perfection" is next and it was love at first spin. I absolutely adore the crushing vocals and the agonizing performance, while the instrumentation feels like a piercing hot rod through the heart. As we move along, "Diseased" introduces rather unexpectedly a more aggressive character. Groovy af, it develops a very playful body and is guaranteed to have the listener headbanging along. Sure, being a Glance song (and a product of its time and scene) it wouldn't naturally stray from the norm, so towards the end we are briefly met with another heartbreaking moment. Understandably, it would be easy to classify the decision as "tacky" or "corny", but trust me, the jusxtaposition in the sounds is brilliantly executed.
"Cloudburst // Wreckage" is another favorite. The entire song is, well, an outburst of unbridled emotion laced with haunting hopelessness. The transition between the devastating verses to the ferocious choruses is seamless and resembles a rollercoaster. Similarly, and despite kicking off with a slower pace, "Liberty (Until We Meet Again)" is packed with raw sentiments. The chagrined clean vocals set the tone for the track while the screams appear calculated, only to second the singing. The crirically acclaimed lead single "Complexion" is next and I couldn't imagine a more fitting track to announce the album. Its poignant lyrics accurately capture the feeling of being carried away by the tides of life. In a similar vein, "Transparent" musters some very fine elements from the conemporary melodic -core and rounds their edges to deliver another hard-hitting performance. Slow burning and visceral, it doubles down on the instrumentation and the part towards the end truly hits with spine-chilling impact. As we reach the end, the second single "Versus Life" closes the cycle with a beautiful 360. Equally captivating as the last few tracks, it oozes with fervor and mirrors frailties through a sombre atmosphere. 
One final thing I didn't like at all throughout the album, and which think I need to address real quick, is the mixing. I feel it was not done meticulously, especially when it came to the drums, and left some rather sharp edges that really undermined the quality of the songs.

Overall, "Solitude" is a solid record of emotional but not whiny metalcore; it isn't stupidly heavy or technical, but it is heartfelt and melancholic, the kind that, when done right, has a lot of potential. Glance Of Medusa showcased a genuine and very captivating artistic confidence that we don't see often with debut albums. It is a summation of the band's efforts so far and, although not ground-breaking, I think that with a better mixing, it could easily pass as a European release. The boys are onto something here and I'm stoked to see what LP #2 will bring. 


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