New All Stars Band Moon Shot Release Their Debut Single And Video

With years of combined experience and hundreds of gigs around the world as members of Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom and Lapko, Jussi Ylikoski, Ville Malja, Mikko Hakila and Henkka Seppälä unite for the first time to form Moon Shot.

With more maturity to rediscover what they’ve always loved, the foursome are raising the curtain on the band today with their debut single and video “Big Bang”, now available on all streaming platforms, in partnership with OMN Label Services.

On the new track, vocalist Ville Malja shares that: “'Big Bang' is a colorful song about new beginnings. It’s a shoutout for larger than life happenings, unexpected turnouts and that feeling when you realize you’re just smiling on a backseat of this race car called life”.

Guitarist Jussi Ylikoski adds: “The ingredients of 'Big Bang' are timeless. The main guitar riff and drum groove combination feels very at home. 'Big Bang' is a rock anthem without limits”.

The feeling of timelessness will permeate the band’s upcoming releases and moulds the shape of a bright future for the “true 21st century rock band”. “Moon Shot is something completely new, made from scratch. This line-up, the new songs, the team behind us. It’s just amazing and makes me humble. I feel lucky to be alive and part of this band in this day and age. Can’t wait to get up on stage” shares Jussi.
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