Interview || The One With Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King

Texas-based metalcore outfit Fit For A King released their latest album, "The Path", back in September. We recently caught up with vocalist Ryan Kirby, who discussed its creation and the reality of the band during the global pandemic.

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U: Your latest studio album, “The Path”, was recently released. How's the reception been so far?

Ryan Kirby: It has been fantastic. Streams have stayed just as strong as release week, so that’s a great sign.

U: They say you have your whole life to write your first album but only a month to write the next. Six albums in, what is the writing and recording process like for Fit For A King?

R.K.: That’s a VERY true statement. Our process usually happens completely in the studio, mainly due to how far we live apart when we are touring. Bob (Lynge, guitars) and I are the main writers, but everyone is putting in input.

U: What would you say is the differentiation point between this album and your previous work?

R.K.: Definitely the metal influence. We kind of took what we did with "Dark Skies", and made it a little more digestible for a larger audience.

U: The lyrical transition from “Dark Skies” to “The Path” is noteworthy. Can you walk us through the changes in the band's mentality over the past couple of years?

R.K.: "Dark Skies" was just a fantastic album cycle for us, so spirits were very high going into the studio, higher than they have ever been. So writing sad/dark material like the previous two albums just didn’t feel like the way to go this time.

U: "The Path" dropped during the global pandemic and bears a message of hope and not giving up. Was the timing intentional or just a beautiful coincidence?

R.K.: Just a beautiful coincidence. This album was completely finished before the pandemic.

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U: What is the reality of FFAK during these times? How do you manage to stay creative/sane and how do you distract yourselves from what is going on?

R.K.: Our reality is everyone in the band barely seeing each, or talking to each other, while we all figure out ways to stay afloat financially. Touring is a huge part of our income, and this all happened so fast, so being creative has been pretty hard as well.

U: What is passion for you? How would you define it?

R.K.: Something you have an unending drive to do, whether there is any financial gain or fame to be had from it, or not. For me, that’s music.

U: If FFAK were members of the Spice Girls, what would be your Spice names?

R.K.: Me – Hairy Spice

Jared – Tall Spice

Daniel – Shreddy Spice

Tuck – Bald Spice

Bob – Plant Spice

U: If you could have a one-minute phone conversation with a younger you, what age would you choose and what would you tell yourself?

R.K.: I would talk with my 20 year old self, and tell him that in 10 years, he will have seen the world playing music for a living, with no signs of stopping. If I told myself while I was still in school, I would have gotten even lazier.

U: Your house is on fire and you only have time to grab 3 items before you flee. Pets and family are safe. What do you take?

R.K.: My laptop, my xBox, and my TV. 

U: What do you want the band's legacy to be?

R.K.: To be a band that helped thousands, or millions of people, deal with the struggles of life.

U: We are done, thank you for your time. Any last words?

R.K.: Thank you for the interview!

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