In Hearts Wake release video for "Hellbringer" feat. Jamie Hails of Polaris

In Hearts Wake has teamed up with Jamie Hails of Polaris for their new single and video ‘Hellbringer’ out today. The single is the fourth release from the band’s upcoming 100% carbon offset album "KALIYUGA" available August 7, 2020.

"Hellbringer’" features gleefully wicked guitar licks, mosh-friendly breakdowns and the anthemic choruses In Hearts Wake are known for. The single and its accompanying video jubilantly celebrates the freedom and joy of unbridled heavy music, in defiance of those people who call it ‘the devil’s music’. The band reminds people that they don't need to take themselves too seriously, as they create a video that parodies the awkwardness of live music streams in the new normal created by COVID-19.

Vocalist Jake Taylor had this to say about the video: “At some of our American shows extremist groups have picketed outside, telling our fans that they’re ‘going to hell’. If only they knew just how positive the energy inside the venue was! Never judge a book by it’s cover. So rather than fight hate with hate, we decided to have some fun and lean into the metal stereotype. In 2020 with live streams becoming the new norm, we decided to stage our own hell-bent circus. We thought it would be funny to ask Jamie to dress up as a werewolf, turn me into a vampire and rain blood on the entire band. Guess Halloween came early this year. Thank you Blade".

"Hellbringer" is the third single to be released from the band’s new album "KALIYUGA" out August 7, which has been entirely carbon offset. The band measured every power socket, light bulb, pound of freight, travel and food consumed during the recording process of the record. They found the total carbon footprint came to 26.37 tonnes of CO2e. This has been entirely offset through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia. The album will also be packaged and manufactured plastic free, using recycled materials.
Vinyl pre-orders of "KALIYUGA" are available via UNFD at For more information on the album as well as exclusive insights, news and content visit
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