Live Coverage || Beartooth, The Amity Affliction @ Huxley's Neue Welt, 05/03/2020

I was lucky enough to attend Beartooth’s show of ‘The Disease Tour’ in Berlin on March 5th at Huxley’s. The American rock band brought support from Australia with The Amity Affliction and Higher Power from the UK.

I sadly missed the start of Higher Power's set due to having a late shift at work, but I was still able to watch most of the show. Higher Power are a pretty good mixed-genre band. I’m not sure if you can call it melodic hardcore but they definitely have elements of it in their music, I could also hear a bit of punk in their songs. Maybe a little out of place compared to the rest of the line up, but at the same time I didn’t mind it and they mixed it up a little bit in a good way.
 Next up were The Amity Affliction who I was really excited about. I first saw them live on their ‘Misery’- Headliner- tour in 2018 and I absolutely fell in love with them. They just came out with their new album called “Everyone Loves You…Once You Leave Them”. I know many people who aren’t fans of ‘new’ Amity, but I personally absolutely love it. Their energy on stage, the instrumentals, the vocals, everything mixes together so so well. That might sound a little weird to some of you but I LOVE their intro called “Coffin”, if I could listen to only that for the rest of my life, I would. They mostly played new songs and songs from ‘Misery’. As well as some older fan favourites like “Don’t Lean on Me” and “Pittsburgh”.
 Later on Beartooth came on stage with a bang. Literally. There was confetti EVERYWHERE! The first song they played was “The Lines”, which brought me straight back to 2014/2015, when my Beartooth phase was at its peak. I last saw them playing live as a headliner in May 2017, so the show has changed quite a bit since then. It’s crazy to see how huge this band has gotten over the last couple years. They had a very good variety of songs on their setlist. A little bit of every album, even from the very first EP with the song “I Have a Problem”. Caleb Shomo has a great reputation in the scene with good reason; he’s an entertainer, an awesome vocalist and a respected producer. I can’t wait for what’s more to come for these guys.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography

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