Live Coverage || Beartooth, The Amity Affliction @ Trix, 01/03/2020

Beartooth are currently on The Disease tour with support from The Amity Affliction and Higher Power. I caught the tour in Antwerp on March 1st.

First up was Higher Power. The British outfit went on with an unparalleled energy and did their best to warm up the already packed venue. Unfortunately, people weren't receptive, which gave me the impression that they were there ony for The Amity Affliction and Beartooth...
Up next was The Amity Affliction and all of a sudden, theatmosphere changed. the audience woke up from the first track andstarted singing, while a pit finally started moving. I loved the setlist! Their latest album came out a few days before the show so I was afraid they would only play new material which, however, wasn't the case. The quartet played only three new songs and the rest of the set consisted of old tracks -and thankfully they didn't forget fan favorite hits like "Don't Lean On Me" and "Pittsburgh", which turned the venue into a big party. Also, a special mention to Ahren Stringer (bass/vocals) whose voice sounds incredible live.
Beartooth headnined the evening. I have no words to say, they were perfect. From the first note, a crazy energy filled the premises. From A to Z, everything was great; the band's performance, Caleb Shomo's voice was on point, drummer Conor Denis performing a solo en par with the masters of the instrument.. The setlist was amazing with the songs flowing seamlessly from start to end. There wasn't a dull moment nor a time where the kinds weren't euphoric. The atmosphere was great for the 75' of the show. It was one of the best concerts I've been to in a while!

All pictures courtesy of Sara Velez Herrero.

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