Awolnation releases new video

Today, Awolnation releases the new video for the song “Slam (Angel Miners)” off the forthcoming "Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders" due out April 24th via Better Noise Music.

Written and created under the most extreme circumstances, "Angel Miners And The Lightning Riders" is Bruno’s boldest and best album yet. After the tragic Woolsey fires tore through Bruno's hometown of Malibu, taking with them the home studio that represented a lifetime spent making art as Awolnation, Bruno began writing the album as a means of self-betterment and dealing with extreme fear, depression, and anxiety. “The fire was a reminder of how horrifying life can be” he says.

 The song “Slam (Angel Miners)”, with its line “there's always someone looking over you” provides a lyrical tension that forms the backbone of the album as a whole. It's a prime example of opposing mentalities and the struggle between light and dark. “Any given day I feel one way or the other” says Bruno. “The whole album is about flitting between those two states of mind”. The video is a mixed media animated music video created by director and animator Cole Higgins. Its bold look incorporates stop motion animation, computer animated heads and live actors shot on a green screen.

The band’s current single at Alternative Radio, “The Best” just hit the Top 5 at the format.  Driven by strong fan engagement, the song is being featured at major market stations like ALT 92.3 in New York, ALT 98.7 in Los Angeles and 101 WKQX Chicago, among others. Better Noise Music CEO Allen Kovac said of the track: “If you liked ‘Sail’ you’re going to love ‘The Best’.  It is sure to be a Grammy contender in 2021!”.

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