Live Coverage || Hundredth @ Fibber Magees, 07/02/2020

Hundredth kicked off their UK/EU tour last Friday; first show was in Dublin, Ireland in a small and intimate venue. 

Last time I saw Hundredth was five years ago in Brazil, so I was looking forward to seeing them again, quite different since the band rediscovered and rebranded themselves between "Free" and "Rare", followed by last year's "Iridescent". I guess anyone who keep up with them them know the band may have changed a little bit. From hardcore to shoegaze, they're still unbelievably amazing live. Even though they aren’t playing any old songs anymore, you might get the chance to see Chad screaming a little bit during one of the songs. The vibe of their set is amazing to “dance”, enjoy a beer maybe and sing all the songs.
Hundredth will come back to Europe in the summer, they’re playing in a few festivals and I can’t wait to see them again. 
Below you can see a little bit how was their first show of the tour.

All pictures courtesy of Georgia Bravo photography. 

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