Live Coverage || Human Target tour @ Kavka, 25/01/2020

Australian deathcore titans Thy Art Is Murder kicked off the year with the Human Target 2020 European tour, with special guests Carnifex, Fit For An Autopsy, Rivers Of Nihil and I Am.

Unfortunately, the show started very early and since my shift wasnt over by 17:30, I had to miss the first to bands.
The first band that I saw was Fit For An Autopsy. I was familiar with the name but not the band and it was definitely a real revelation. I absolutely loved their performance! The crowd was already warmed up and the room was packed. I can't give an honest opinion on the setlist since I wasn't familiar with the music, but the fans seemed very happy and receptive.
Carnifex was up next. Honestly, I didn't enjoy their set. I felt they were less energetic than the previous band and the songs were quite repetitive. Contrary to FFAA, who were an great discovery, Carnifex didn't grow on me. Regardless, while chatting with fans of the band who were at the show, they said they loved their performance.
Finally, Thy Art Is Murder headlined the show. It was the band I was expecting the most and they certainly didn't disappoint. As usual, vocalist CJ McMahon had a great stage presence, and his vocals were just impressive; he remains on point while looking relaxed, as if he's doing the easiest thing in the world. I also enjoyed a lot the stage layout; the drums were elevated to a vantage point, where the drummer was visible to the crowd. It was great to have Jesse Beahler in the spotlight alongside his bandmates. He is a very talented individual and a great asset for the band.

All pictures courtesy of Sara Velez Herrero photography.


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