Live Coverage || Five Finger Death Punch @ Torwar, 12/02/2020

Groove metal titans Five Finger Death Punch embarked on a massive European tour along with Megadeth and Bad Wolves to kick off 2020. I was able to catch the tour in Warsaw.

Being a massive fan of Five Finger Death Punch, I knew I had to attend a date. Stars aligned and off to Poland I was. Torwar, the venue for the night, is a big arena of 6K capacity, almost packed. Knowing how interactive FFDP is during their performances, I was ready to sing my heart out and mosh as much as my body could handle. 
Bad Wolves went on first. I wasn't familiar with the band but te crowd seemed to know a lot of the lyrics and sang along throughout the set. Quite impressive, really. 
Up next were Megadeth, the special guests of the tour. People were warmed up by then and more eager to participate to the timeless band's shenanigans. Their sound was very clear and Dave Mustaine, who was recently diagnosed free of cancer, shone on stage. Their setlist included hits from their entire catalogue and fans were very receptive. 
Time had come for Five Finger Death Punch. Let me start by saying that it's really, really hard to photograph shows when you're so into the music that you're screaming all the lyrics. On the bright side, it makes bands notice you and make more poses. The Americans, veteran performers as they are, were at the top of their game, putting on a very dynamic show and engaging with the fans. They didn't play quite a few of the fan-favorite hits that I expected them to play, to my dismay, but the setlist was still very entertaining. I was very disappointed however when I saw that the majority of the crowd was apathetic and not really participating. That really baffled me, because FFDP's energy was contagious and I couldn't help but think what would have went down if that show took place in my hometown. I left Torwar drenched in sweat, my entire body aching and pretty much voiceless. I can't wait for the band's new album and the new touring cycle to promote it, so I can see them again.

All pictures courtesy of Arte LikeThat photography.

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