Live Coverage || Northlane, Polaris, Void of Vision @ SO36, 11/12/2019

Northlane had been for a long time one of those bands that I'd prefer to see live rather than actively listen to on repeat. This definitely changed since they released "Alien". I LOVE this album. They played in Berlin on December 11th at SO36. 

The all-Australian at that point (after the sudden departure of Silent Planet) tour included support from Void Of Vision and Polaris. I was familiar with the name Void Of Vision, but I had never listened to them before the concert, which clearly was a mistake. I really liked their performance and I loved their singers voice live. So good. I'm not the biggest fan of Polaris, I have to admit, but I enjoy seeing them live. I also really like their latest song called "Masochist", so that was awesome to hear them playing it.

Then Northlane came on stage and their set started with "Talking Heads". They had loads of new songs on their setlist which I appreciated. I wasn't the biggest fan of "Mesmer" so I was glad that they only played "Intuition" and "Citizen" from that album. My favorite song of the night was hands down "Bloodline", which is such a good song. Northlane always deliver with their performances.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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