Live Coverage || Delain @ Cabaret Sauvage, 06/12/2019

Second day of major strikes in France, fourth show of this adventure. Nothing in this day went as planned, so the initial idea of me catching the final date of the "Masters Of Destiny" tour, featuring Delain and Arkona, basically failed almost in every aspect. My ride to the venue lasted a good two and a half hours instead of 20', so by the time I entered the premises, not only had I missed Arkona, but also a good 35' off Delain's set. I pushed my way to the front and forced myself into Polyanna mode; "I made it, I still have one hour of music ahead, I will enjoy my time here". And I did.

Delain guitarist Timo Somers was displaying his incredible guitar skills when I reached the front, pulling faces to my lens included. Ok, I'm off to a good start, despite being fashionably late to the party. Bad pun, true statement. Because how else would you describe the joyful band throwing big balloons into the crowd during "Don't Let Go"? And then the balloons somehow making it back to the stage to almost attack the band throughout the remaining songs? Or singer Charlotte Wessels somehow, miraculously, sending one over the lighting rail? But anyway, I digress. Delain was a sight for sore eyes, for sure. Whether we're talking about older songs ("The Gathering", "Fire With Fire", "Pristine") or newer material ("One Second"), fans kept singing along rally loudly, making the band feel even more welcome. Certain songs saw George Oosthoek joining the band for some extreme vocals, and based on the thank you notes,cellist  Eliane Anemaat also accompanied the band. Charlotte took the time to thank fans for making it to the show and even joked how warm was in the room, contrary to the cold when the band first arrived in the venue, "like global warming -but good!". Eventually, the show reached an end with "We Are The Others" but even then we hadn't seen the last of Delain. They returned on stage for a "christmas song" for the encore -queue "Get The Devil Out Of Me" and confetti strings blowing, marking a merry and colorful end for the evening. 

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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