Heaven Shall Burn announces forthcoming album

German titans Heaven Shall Burn have confirmed today the impeding release of their new double album, titled "Of Truth And Sacrifice", which will be released in the spring of 2020. The album is the first sample of new music after 2016's "Wanderer". The cover was created by Eliran Kantor, who in the past has worked with Testament, iced Earth and Thy Art Is Murder among others.

Guitarist Maik Weichert comments: "We decided that one album wasn’t good enough, but we wanted to create a double album as a statement. Our goal was a total work of art that people could dive into, something that leaves a lot of room for surprises and experiments. It was only fair to give our fans twice as much after letting them wait for so long".

On the title, he explains: "It’s a title that refers to numerous current developments: people’s blindness in daily life and the unwillingness to make any sacrifices in order to bring about change. Still, there are many people in this world who do exactly this: teachers in Africa risking their lives in order to be able to educate children, journalists and whistle-blowers who are putting their own safety at risk in order to flag things going wrong".

In the usual Heaven Shall Burn manner, the new album will come around the corner. Sounds of atmospheric strings, which the band worked out with Sven Helbig and recorded with the conductor Wilhelm Keitel in Minsk, will also be found on the new work.

In addition to the approximately 100 minutes of music on the regular album, there will also be a limited edition 90-minute documentary "My Green Heart in Dark Times" by the well-known producer Ingo Schmoll, who accompanied Heaven Shall Burn for almost a year to get to the bottom of the phenomenon around the band.

"Of Truth And Sacrifice" track listing:


1.         March Of Retribution
2.         Thoughts And Prayers
3.         Eradicate
4.         Protector
5.         Übermacht
6.         My Heart And The Ocean          
7.         Expatriate
8.         What War Means
9.         Terminate The Unconcern
10.       The Ashes Of My Enemies


1.         Children Of A Lesser God
2.         La Résistance
3.         The Sorrows Of Victory
4.         Stateless
5.         Tirpitz
6.         Truther
7.         Critical Mass
8.         Eagles Among Vultures

9.         Weakness Leaving My Heart

This announcement comes after the band made an appearance high in the billing of numerous festivals next summer and approximately two years since the Final March tour, after which the band took a short break.
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