Live Coverage || August Burns Red, Erra @ Trix, 19/11/2019

The boys in August Burns Red are currently on tour to celebrated 10 years since the release of "Constellations". I was able to attend the show in Antwerp on November 19, 2019. Erra and Currents were opening the show.

Unfortunately, due to being stuck in traffic, I only made it to the venue for the last song of Currents who went out under laudatory echoes from the crowd, proof of the quality of their show.

Erra was up next. I had never listened to the band before the show and they were a brilliant discovery! A lovely show of metalcore, and I particularly appreciated the clean vocals, courtesy of Jesse Cash. The audience was rather receptive; what better way to warm up the room before the grand entrance of the headliners?
What can we say about August Burns Red's shows? Like always, they offered us a quality spectacle -even if I've seen them over 15 times at this point, I can't get enough! For me, the setlist was excellent; not only did we get to hear "Constellations" in its entirety, we were also awarded a drum solo and 4 essential songs of the band's discography. To be fair, I'm not completely objective when it comes to this album, because it's my favorite of theirs, but in combination with the rest of the songs, it made a great choice of setlist. An evening to remember, for sure!

All pictures courtesy of Sara Velez Herrero.

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