Raised Fist premieres new single

© Daniel Holmgren

Swedish hardcore band Raised Fist share "Into This World", a new track off their upcoming full-length "Anthems". The album will be out November 15th on Epitaph, pre-orders are available here.

"This is a song dedicated to our friends, brothers and sisters from another time" says frontman Alexander "Alle" Hagman. “The slowest song on the album, with a style mix between "Wounds" and "Until The End". Also, the most powerful one. If you know, you know!" 

On this seventh full-length the band has been working together with producers Roberto Laghi & Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg and Oral Majority Recordings. The ten songs on "Anthems" are delivered with a searing urgency and intent and the guitars and drums punch through with a driving beat to raise your fist too. "I wanted this album also to become a rock n roll album", explains Hagman. "I wanted to not have everything be deep and dark and symbolic. It's like AC/DC; meaningless but sometimes you just want to have a beer, listen to a song and understand the whole thing from the start".
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