Gideon drops new single

Alabama metalcore outfit, Gideon, further fanned the flames of anticipation for their new full-length, "Out of Control", due out this Friday, by sharing the fourth single “2 CLOSE” with an accompanying video. If fans weren’t already excited enough, the track also features fellow metalcore vet and vocalist of Stray From The Path, Drew York. 

While “2 CLOSE” might just be Gideon’s grooviest and catchiest song on "Out of Control", it’s still packed full of the insanely heavy riffs that band has been churning out this year. In support of the album the band will be hitting the road in Europe with Stray From The Path in December. 

From a very early age, most of us are molded by the traditions of our upbringing. While there are undeniable benefits to tradition, often the fear of bucking against the expectations they create prevent us from pursuing our personal truth. Growing up in the deep south, the members of Gideon spent years letting these mental fences dictate their creative direction. On their aptly titled fifth full-length album, "Out of Control", the band is no longer allowing themselves to be put in a box, sonically or topically, to fit what is expected of them. Enhanced by it’s eclectic array of musical influences such as a heavy dose of 90’s and 2000’s nu metal, clear inflections of outlaw country, and hip hop, "Out of Control" is a powerful statement regarding who the members of Gideon really are and where they come from.  
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