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Another day, another cheat list. As we are vehemently counting down the days for Baroness' first ever visit to Athens, we have compiled a few songs we deem absolutely essential in the mental preparation for one of their shows. 

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The band released "Gold & Grey" earlier this year, receiving every reaction possible; from positive and praising to controversial and polarizing. Did that affect the band? Not quite. The Savannah, GA outfit is still revered as one of the masters in their scene and quite rightly so, and the vivid performances on the current touring cycle are a testament to that. 

01. "March To The Sea"

One of their widely recognized tunes, "March To The Sea" has been holding a prominent position in the band's setlist for a long time now.

02. "Shock Me"

The second single off of "Purple" was nominated for Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2017, the event probably being one of the milestones in the band's history and career. Catchy and nifty, it brings the best of both worlds plus a big singalong in the chorus.

03. "If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain)"

Winding down, the track feels deeply personal and melancholic even when the instrumentation reaches a mounty climax. Very likely to be part of the setlist, it deserves a solid spot in this list too.

04. "Front Toward Enemy"

Groovy and ballsy AF, and with basslines that are most likely to give the listener's heart a new beating rhythm, this track is probably one of the highlights of the latest album.

05. "Take My Bones Away"

The absolute hymn we all have come to sing loudly at some point. 
(And whoever claims they never misheard "bones" for "balls" is blatantly lying. Crank this up.)

Baroness live in Athens on October 19 2019 at Gagarin 205.
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