Live Coverage || Trash Boat, Capstan @ Cassiopeia, 05/09/2019

After I fell in love with Trash Boat on the While She Sleeps tour earlier this year, I was more
than happy to see that they were coming back to Berlin for a headline show at Cassiopeia
on September 5th. The UK pop punk band brought support from the US with Doll Skin
from Arizona and Capstan from Florida.

Sadly I missed the Doll Skin set, but I arrived just in time for Capstan. I’d never listened
to them before so I was surprised on how much I liked their diverse sound. Some songs
had a metalcore touch which I, of course, really liked. Definitely a band worth checking
out, if you haven’t already!
What can I say? Trash Boat are perfect. I love their energy, their movement on stage and
how much they enjoy to perform for the crowd. They played all my favorite songs, like “Old Soul” and “Shade” from their latest album, "Crown Shyness", but also
their brand new song called “Synthetic Sympathy”, which I’m in love with. It’s a different
sound to what they have previously released, but I think it’s a super fun song and it
definitely gets the crowd going even more. With that being said, I had an amazing time
and I’m already looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon. 

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography

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