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2019 marks the year that While She Sleeps will be finally appearing in front of a Greek crowd for the first time. 

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On September 13 and 14, the Sheffield powerhouse will be raising hell in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively, and what better way to prepare for their incendiary shows than a quick playlist? Or an array of videos with Loz's face on the thumbnail. But anyway! The choice was arguably hard but the result is rather satisfying.

01. "You Are We"

Being the intro to their live shows for quite some time now, this anthemic banger is guaranteed to get the fans off their feet and start the flow of energy in the room.

02. "Haunt Me"

One of the crushing songs off of the recent album, "So What?", it hits hard on many levels, plus its vivid character makes parts of it stick in your head for days.

03. "Our Courage, Our Cancer"

A trademark in the WSS legacy. The first full length, "This Is The Six", is where everything began for a lot of older fans and the big singalongs throughout this song takes us back to the best years of our lives.

04. "Silence Speaks"

Whether acoustic or in its full dynamic glory, this face-melting, fan-favorite hit also bears a very deep meaning and signifies the era when While She Sleeps became the voice of their generation.

Honorable mention: "Seven Hills"
Cheekily sneaking one more song in because it is our firm belief that there isn't a single person in this world who hasn't sang passionately at least once along to this hymn. Not one.

05. "Hurricane"

A tough call between this and "The Guilty Party", but this one steals the show with the beautiful alternation between Loz and Mat Welsh, and the imagery accurately depicts how the song is usually received at shows.

Event info:
Friday 13 September 2019: Gagarin 205, Athens
Tickets: Here

Saturday 14 September 2019: 8ball Club, Thessaloniki
Tickets: Here

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