Live Coverage || Tesseract, Calyces, Mask of Prospero @ Kyttaro, 7/7/2019

The wait was finally over; on July 7th 2019, TesseracT would be performing live in Greece for the first time. As Playfalse announced their impending arrival in Athens, I was more than excited for that night to come.

Those who arrived early were welcomed by Mask Of Prospero, who seemed to be thrilled to open this show, throwing a lot of passion into their performance. The crowd definitely enjoyed their tight set, which surprisingly lasted about an hour. The night was off to a really great start.
Calyces, who would be performing their very first show, was up next. The band, consisting of members of Tardive Dyskinesia, Radio Insect and Revenge Of The Giant Face, was full of energy from the moment they stepped on stage and got the crowd's attention, despite the fact that the sound (mostly on vocals) was affected by some technical problems. I look forward to seeing them in their next appearance.

Finally, up came TesseracT. With the atmosphere truly intense, the British djent – prog powerhouse proceeded to hit the stage in style, launching into "One"‘s "Concealing Fate" at its entiretyDaniel Thompkins stage dived into the already warmed up crowd during the heaviest part of "Acceptance", marking the highlight of their performance in my opinion. 
At this point the venue was filled to what felt like way beyond its capacity. The setlist was evenly split between all of their four records, including some of my personal favorites such as "Of Mind - Nocturne", "Survival", "Hexes" and "King". The audience's response to the band was absolutely amazing, jumping around and singing along throughout the whole night.
If there’s one thing you could say about their performance is that they perfectly replicated how they sound on their studio albums. They closed their set with "Juno" and left everyone wanting more. A mesmerizing performance from the prog giants, and a truly special night for all involved.
The first time seeing TesseracT for me won't be the last, for sure.

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