Live Coverage || Overdrive Festival 2019

I believe I was somewhere in Germany in March when I randomly caught a glimpse of Overdrive festival's lineup. I recall being overly excited and thinking to myself that I needed to go home and look into my travel options -most importantly; where Kapfenberg was. Fast forward to July 6th and a long day of traveling. I made it to the venue on time and despite the scorching sun, I was ready for the fun part to begin.

The first act I caught was Templeton Pek. Although the early slot wasn't in their favor, the band gave their best to the eager listeners. Their sound was quite clear, allowing the vocalist with the pipes of steeel to belt his heart out without missing a note. UK's Our Hollow Our Home was up next. Second time seeing this band, and I think I'm still not converted. Their metalcore melodies were pretty tight and the band was constantly moving. Not the biggest crowd turnout of the day but the band was entertaining as if they were performing for 2000 people. I skipped the last part of their show to go do an interview, and consequently also lost the first song of Bad Omens. I had never seen the band before and I was in for a big surprise. The kids in the front were mesmerized by vocalist Noah Sebastian's charm, who displayed his impressive vocal range in both cleaner tones and screams. After this eye opening experience, I think I am now part of the Bad Omens fanclub. 

After a quick refreshment, I headed back inside to catch Boston Manor. The British outfit received what I believe was the warmest welcome of the day, with many fans gathering to the front and singing along to most lyrics. I must admit that musically they aren't that much my cup of tea but their performance was very entertaining. First Blood was up next. I was very eager to see them play again and they definitely didn't disappoint. They didn't attract as many people as the bands before them but the fact never bothered the quartet. The highlight of the performance was probably when a certain mildly fanboying Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid jumped into the crowd to sing along to some lines. First Blood was hands down one of my favorites of the day. Taking another small break outside, I took a seat in the grass to watch Boston Manor's acoustic performance. I must admit I enjoyed this a little more than the actual stage show, and seeing them relaxed, joking around and even messing up at times made them appear more approachable. To my dismay I was only able to catch Polaris for a song and a half but I look forward to our next encounter. The band was as expressive as I remember, with vocalist Jamie Hails giving his best and guitarist Ryan Siew dancing and spinning around. 

As we started reaching the end of the day, Satanic Surfers took the stage. The kings of European skate punk are back from hell (pun intended) and ready to educate the youth on what good music sounds like. Although a lot of people came inside for the show, most of them remained in the back, with only a few kids in the front dancing and singing along. Again, the band did their thing no matter what and was actually one of the most entertaining sights of the festival. And yes, I am biased, what else is new. 
Comeback Kid headlined the evening. The Canadians did everything in their power to motivate the crowd to participate; inviting them to do the "Satanic Surfers zombie dance", offering to share their stage fans, vocalist Andrew Neufeld jumping in the crowd, you name it. Some tricks worked out and we saw some actual movement during the banger songs. The choice of the setlist was good, especially the part when "Talk is Cheap" gave way to "Partners In Crime". The end of the show came as always with "Wake The Dead" blasting loudly while more enthusiastic kids sang along. 

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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