Live Coverage || Jera On Air 2019

Jera on Air, one of my favorite festivals is already a few weeks behind us and I can’t believe time is flying so fast. The weather was in our favor, making the festival a very pleasant experience.

I arrived at Jera On Air at the very first night for the warm up night where, as everyone knows by now, my favorite band Bury Tomorrow was headlining. Although the British outfit is currently touring to promote their latest album, "Black Flame", they didn't disregard fan favorite older songs fro the setlist; from "No Less Violent" to "Lionheart", everyone was singing along to every single song and, as usual, Bury Tomorrow invited fans to keep crowdsurfing, to the point where shoes went missing closer to the stage. First night was incredible and already full of crazy humans. 

Let’s jump to the actual festival,to check what did happen at the other two days. Busy days I should say. 

Fever 333; if you haven’t seen them live you are missing out. That was my second time and I can vouch they are one of sickest bands of our time;although existing for a little over two years, it's impossible to say seeing how big they already are, what they put into their show and how people love them so much. Only 3 members are more than enough to fill the whole stage as much as Slipknot does. Probably a whole set of nice pictures below can do the talking better than I can. 

Stage Champs; oh boy, State Champs. Probably the only band able to make everyone busy with crowdsufing as much as Bury Tomorrow can. Pop-punk is definitely not dead and I’m very glad because I love these guys. A very vibrant and amazing performace, where Ryan and Derek never stopped moving on stage -consequently making my job a little bit more intense since I must to catch them somehow. The fans didn't skip a single lyric while singing along to the songs; from "Around The World And Back" to "Living Proof", the party kept going strong.

Bleeding Though; why no one ever told me to check this band before? I went there on a mission since my editor-in-chief asked me if I could take some pictures of them and holy hell! Ladies and gentlemen, they destroyed the stage. 

Crystal Lake; our favorite Asian guys. I’m getting very used to see them in Europe since I’ve seen than a couple of times now -they also played Jera in 2018. That was probably one the bands out of the entire festival who, for me, could easily be headlining and kids were going to love it for sure. 

I’m gonna talk a little bit about two bands I had been waiting to see for a while; Bleed From Within for the very first time, and Whitechapel, who I haven't seen in about 5 years (last time was in Brazil opening to The Devil Wears Prada). Both bands were insane and even though they played kind of early, many kids pulled up to see both bands killing it on the stage with their new albums. 

Enter Shikari was also one of those bands who played at Jera last year and if I’m not mistaken, they were headlining as well. Actually, this year was my first time seeing them. Stage, lights and everything about the production was perfect, they had and an amazing energy throughout the performance, which lasted over an hour. It was fully entertaining to see that guys in suits could run and jump that much on the stage. 

Polar, after Bury Tomorrow, was probably my favorite show of the festival so far. They played at the Buzz stage, with no barrier, no security, just stage dives, crowdsufing and an amazing and sweating performance at that tent. I’m very into bands who are able to make everyone sing all their songs and jump at the same time, bands that are able to show us how happy they are to play there. During "Black Days" they did invite everyone to go to the stage and that was insane! 

Polaris; another great Aussie band. Seriously, is there any band from Australia that isn’t good? I mean make a list with all the bands over there and try to find one that is not even decent, impossible. Couldn’t be different about Polaris and you know what I am talking about: brutal. 

We have already arrived on the final hours of the last day, where headliners are another Aussie band, the kings Parkway Drive, with anything that entailed; pyros, smoke machines, ladies playing violin, plus a big entrance to the stage from the crowd. The fans cherished every moment the band was on stage, constantly crowdsufing. Parkway has grown a lot in the recent years and it's amazing to witness it, while Winston still is the charismatic frontman who always makes you wanna sing with him, from the hardcore songs to the metal songs. Also as a photographer I must to say it’s insane to watch that whole stage production in action. 

This is it! A little recap from a few bands I saw at the festival. We are thankful for what Jera 2019 brought us and are looking forward to Jera 2020.

Words and pictures by Georgia Bravo photography

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