Live Coverage || Lamb Of God @ Gazi Music Hall, 3/7/2019

After a 9-year-long absence, American metal titans Lamb Of God returned to Athens. The initial venue selection seemed a bit off but after entering the premises and seeing over 3000 people literally sweating in anticipation, everything fell into place. 

As we got stuck in a ridiculous traffic for an hour and a half, we were forced to miss the local opening act, Aetherian but thankfully we made it on time for the headliners.
Mere minutes after getting in, Lamb Of God went on stage under the intro of "Omerta". Before they even got to play, fans were off their feet, spilling beer and throwing water bottles around them. Randy Blythe and co. were in a good mood, although I guess mildly hungover, immediately getting to work. Restless and still very professional, they did a fantastic job entertaining their devout crowd. The fans were excited to have the band back to town -mind you, a good portion of them were very young to attend the first show- and they proved it with the constant cheers and loud singing.
The venue was boiling, the floor was so full that people weren't able to mosh and occasionally shirtless commandos drenched in sweat powerwalked their way out to the air-conditioning. The setlist was rather basic, mainly focusing on fan favorite songs and not really differing from the band's recent festival performances, reaching a little over an hour in duration. That was probably the only source of complain among fans; we had all hoped the set would be just a bit longer, though we were pretty aware that, in this heat, it wouldn't take long for paramedics to intervene. 
Overall, the band lived up to their reputation and we hope that it won't take them that long to pay us a new visit.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography

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