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 The final chapter of our 2019 festival pilgrimage is here. The curtain on our hot festival summer drops in Belgium with Alcatraz festival which is only a few weeks away. Boasting a diverse and very impressive lineup, there's no doubt that the town of Kortrijk will face a heatwave. We may be unfortunately unable to attend but we will be there in spirit. For those who will, however, we have a list with ten must-see suggestions.

01. Bury Tomorrow

As a general rule of thumb, we avoid putting the same bands in our pilgrimage lists BUT for our favorite Britishes we can make an exception (or two). Our experience with Bury Tomorrow is always fun and people's reactions are always chilling -and do yourselves a favor and learn the lyrics to "Black Flame", you won't regret it.

When: Saturday August 10, 11:30-12:10
Where: Prison Stage

02. Of Mice & Men

In case you wondered who keeps metalcore alive in these times, the answer would have to be a unanimous "Of Mice & Men!". The California outfit is sowly returning to their roots, with frontman Aaron Pauley leading them very efficiently. Although, if we're being honest, we still have a soft spot for olde rmaterial and are very glad to see these songs re-appearing on the setlist.

When: Saturday August 10, 12:50-13:30
Where: Prison stage

03. Powerwolf

There's no doubt that Powerwolf has one of the strongest games performances in contemporary metal and their following grows by the day. With clever, catchy and contagious hooks, and big choruses, they are an enjoyable sight for all metal fans. And vocalist Attila Dorn is a little fond of flames.

When: Sunday August 11, 18:50-19:50
Where: Prison stage


We are no strangers to AMENRA's charm and watching them headline a big festival in their country will be more than exciting. Their shows are a true mystagogical experience where even non-fans will be absorbed in the moment.

When: Saturday August 10, 00:30-01:30
Where: Swamp stage

05. Deicide

With a career spanning over almost four decades, Deicide are considered one of the most influential bands in death metal and with good reason. Whether we talk about frontman Glen Benton's charisma or the intensity of their performance, one thing is certain; Deicide is a force to be reckoned with.

When: Sunday August 11, 18:00-18:50
Where: Swamp stage

06. Nervosa

The all-female thrash metal outfit have been on the rise in the recent years, challenging stereotypes and paving their own path in the metal scene. Bringing the wind of change in some rather stagnant waters, we recommend that you warm up your neck muscles before heading towards their stage. 

When: Friday August 9, 12:10-12:50
Where: Swamp stage

07. Alien Weaponry

If you're not familiar with Alien Weaponry, don't be fooled by their name. Their music is structurally complex yet radiating finesse and their themes, often sang in Maori, can very often give food for thought. 

When: Sunday August 11, 11:30-12:10
Where: Prison stage

08. Hypocrisy

Peter Tägtgren's musical ingenuity is unquestionable in any project he dabbles with. Sweden's Hypocrisy are a household name in the European metal scene, with countless shows under their belts and a heavy artillery of soaring riffage. Plus, there isn't a single person who hasn't listened to "Eraser" at least once.

When: Saturday August 10, 19:50-20:50
Where: Swamp stage

09. Rotting Christ

It would be impossible to not include our compatriots in this list. Their latest album "The Heretics" was phenomenal and massive in every way. We got to see them open for Slayer's farewell show and we can attest to the heaviness of their performance -and the setlist was just *chef's kiss*

When: Sunday August 11, 22:00-23:00
Where: Swamp stage

Mayhem: the godfathers of European black metal. Even if you don't vibe with their recent music, you should still go and check them out for old times' sake.
Crossfaith: The Japanese electronicore heroes have been steadily building a fanbase in Europe over the recent years, offering both an eye-catching show and neck-breaking music.
Avatar: and their circus of horrors. That's a truly wonderful experience.
Nailed To Obscurity: If we could describe them in three words, those would be dark, ominous and enticing.

10. Saxon

One of the leading NWOBHM bands, Saxon has ensured longevity and a very rich legacy. Headlining the first day of Alcatraz, they are loved by folks of all ages and surely not to be missed.

When: Friday August 9, 23:10-00:40
Where: Prison stage

So here you have it! The final installment of ten bands no festival goer should miss in the 2019 festival season. Enjoy the festival and drink a beer for us!

Alcatraz takes place in Kortrijk, Belgium on August 9-11.
For tickets and info, visit

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