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Our yearly festival pilgrimage is going strong. It is true that this festival season went by in the blink of an eye and we are slowly approaching August and the final 3 destinations; Wacken Open Air, Punk Rock Holiday and Summer Breeze.

Today, as we are packing our bags for Wacken's holy playgrounds and furiously highlighting running orders, we have managed to compile the list with the 10 essential bands you shouldn't miss if you're attending.

01. Sabaton

You didn't see that coming, did you? Sabaton has just released their 9th full length album, "The Great War", which is absolutely brilliant, and in a two-hour long set, they intend to educate and entertain fans with their history metal. 
WHEN: Thursday August 1st, 22:00-00:00
WHERE: Harder stage

02. Slayer

The thrash metal titans are on their farewell tour and our recent experience taught us that they make sure their shows are memorable, to say the least. Youthful aggression, professionalism and tons of pyros mark what is considered the hottest and most emotionally charged show of the year.
WHEN: Friday August 02, 22:45-00:15
WHERE: Harder stage

03. Bleed From Within

The Scotchmen made their debut with a questionable deathcore sound. A few years back, they renounced their past and with the release of "Uprising", they found themselves in a full, ballsy and very heavy metallic path. Their shows are a testament to how they've grown musically and as performers.
WHEN: Saturday August 03, 11:00-11:45
WHEN: Headbanger's stage

04. The Adicts

The UK legendary punk rock outfit with the iconic imagery is renown for their tight and very entertaining performances. While active for many decades, they never really lost the nerve of their youth and are still able to create music that is fresh though classic.
WHEN: Wednesday July 31, 16:15-17:15
WHERE: Headbangers stage

05. Testament

Testament is a truly timeless band. They never went out of style, even when some of their material polarized fans, and they matured very gracefully. Their sound may not be everyone's cup of tea, but their live shows are in-fucking-sane putting to shame bands half their age.
WHEN: Thursday August 01, 17:00-18:10
WHERE: Louder stage

06. Eluveitie

The Swiss folk masters released an amzing album this year, titled "Ategnatos". They saw a few member changes in the recent years but it's safe to say that they grew from these low points and are now stronger than ever. Plus, imagine singing "Inis Mona" with a choir of thousands of people!
WHEN: Friday August 02, 13:05-14:05
WHERE: Faster stage

07. Thy Art Is Murder

The Australian powerhouse has just released their latest album, "Human Target", continuing to build their legacy of aggression and brutality. CJ McMahon's return to the band proved that you don't change a winning team, and TAIM will be teaching that lesson to the crowds of multiple summer festivals.
WHEN: Friday August 02, 22:30-23:30
WHERE: WET stage

08. Kvelertak

The Norwegian outfit knows very well how to get people off their feet from the second they step on stage and that's exacty what we're expecting them to do. The combination of different genres in their music makes them a spectacular and very engaging live band.

WHEN: Saturday August 03, 14:30-15:30
WHERE: Louder stage

09. The Rumjacks

The Australians who put "party" to party music. Our every encounter so far with the Irish punk mob has been amazing, and the fact they will be gracing one of the small stages, to a likely very drunk crowd, makes the event even more entertaining.

WHEN: Saturday August 03, 21:15-22:15
WHERE:  Beergarden stage

Acres: The melodic hardcore act, hailing from the UK, has a very cinematic feel to their music. They were the main support to compatriots Casey's farewell tour and August of 2019 finds them releasing their first full length album.
TesseracT: Amazing performers, intense shows and, if you're lucky, vocalist Daniel Tompkins may jump in the crowd early into the performance.
Crisix: A very impressive and interesting neo-thrash band, bringing their classical influences to a modern light.
Hellhammer Performed by Tom Warrior's Triumph Of Death: The title says it all.

10. Cradle Of Filth

Probably included in a similar list but Cradle Of Filth is on a linear trajectory for a few years now. Old school fans are certain to appreciate the sweet throwbacks of the setlist, despite continuing on the Cryptoriana World tour. Sure, the time slot is not exactly beneficial but there's no doubt they will turn it to their advantage.

WHEN: Friday August 02, 14:15-15:15
WHERE: Harder stage

Wacken Open Air is taking place on August 01-03 in Wacken, Germany.
The festival is sold out. For info visit
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