Live Coverage || Sick Of It All @ AN Club, 25/6/2019

Nine whole years had passed since Sick Of It All last performed in Greece. I've been lucky enough to catch them on a few occasions over the years, the last one being Summerblast festival last year. When the show was announced, I immediately knew it would be the event to anticipate throughout the month of June. And boy, was I right.

My day was admittedly bad but I was determined to have the best time at the show. Black Mamba, the only remaining supporting act after the withdrawal of Eden Demise, went on as scheduled. The band was very tight and succeeded in warming up the growing crowd efficiently.

Knowing how hit-or-miss hardcore shows can be in my hometown due mainly to the elitist and very selective approach of the fans, I was happy to see that by the time the New York hardcore veterans went on, the venue was packed with people of all ages and from all scenes. I secured a nice spot with a view, got my camera out and patiently waited for the set to begin.
Sick Of It All were greeted with loud cheers from the second they got on stage. The first notes of "Good Lookin' Out" saw the first hints of mobility, which eventually grew to a full-on friendly violent fun as "Clobbering Time" and "Take The Night Off" sounded. It didn't take long for crowdsurfing to begin, and the band appeared entertained as the kids sang back lyric after lyric at the top of their lungs. If there's one thing I appreciate about SOIA is their constant and vibrant youthful energy, a raw honesty if you may, which puts to shame musicians half their age. As we went on, it came as no surprise that vocalist Lou Koller decided to jump in the middle of the crowd, demanding that a pit formed around him as he performed, nor the fact that guitarist Pete Koller and bassist Craig Setari were restless, constantly switching positions and jumping around. The last few songs of the setlist were complete and utter mayhem; fans took over the stage engaging in a constant flow of stage dives, while the final track, "Step Down" found the entire venue singing along in one voice. Worth the wait, worth braving the heat, worth everything. Thank you Sick Of It All and Hardtimes Athens!

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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