Russian Circles premieres new single

The pieces for the next chapter in Russian Circles’ narrative continue to fall in place, ushering in the appearance of a new single. “Milano,” the second glimpse of the formidable trio’s upcoming album "Blood Year", finds the band grating through six and a half minutes with peak volume and unrelenting urgency.

“Milano”, like "Blood Year" in itself, finds Russian Circles exploring ten-ton riffs, oscillating melodies, and battle drum percussion. Leveraging the human pulse and unmetered energy, the seven tracks that encompass "Blood Year" recall some of Russian Circles’ most savage moments. 

The Chicago trio have always pushed volume and timbre to absolute limit and beyond, but "Blood Year" finds Russian Circles at their most brutalizing. Blissful respites and ebbs of calm are fewer and farther between, instead showcasing Brian Cook’s grinding bass lines, Mike Sullivan’s deep-diving guitar leads, and Dave Turncrantz’s pounding rack and floor toms. While it retains the dexterity, multi-faceted techniques, and dramatic compositions that have been a trademark of Russian Circles since day one, "Blood Year" fully embraces the most forceful aspects of the band’s repertoire.

With Sullivan, Turncrantz, and Cook all residing in different states, Russian Circles have typically crafted their albums by piecing together song fragments and home recordings into meticulous texture-rich studio productions. But after seven tours in North American and five trips to Europe in support of Guidance, the band made a conscious effort to approach the songs on "Blood Year" with the same organic feel of a live show. Completing the formula is Kurt Ballou’s engineering prowess and Steve Albini’s world-famous wonderland Electrical Audio. 

"Blood Year" will be released via Sargent House on August 2 (pre-orders are available here)
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