Live Coverage || I Prevail, Palisades @ Kesselhaus, 11/6/2019

On June 11th I attended one of the two unique I Prevail shows in Germany, in Berlin at Kesselhaus. They brought Palisades as support.

This was my first time catching Palisades on tour. I was supposed to see them support Escape The Fate last year but they had to pull out of that tour. Now they‘re back and I was very stoked to finally get to see them. They started their set with “War” from their latest album, “Erase The Pain”,  but also played older songs like “Player Haters’ Ball” and multiple songs from their self-titled. I loved their performance! 

I have to mention that this was probably one of the hottest days this year so far and the venue didn’t really have air conditioning so everyone was dripping wet before the show even started. I’m pretty sure that if it wouldn’t have been as hot, the crowd would’ve had more movement. They still sang the lyrics and had fun tho. So when I Prevail came on stage it got even hotter. Maybe playing “Bow Down” first wasn’t the best choice here since it’s one of their heaviest songs (in my opinion). They played a lot from their new record “TRAUMA”, which I’m a fan of. My favorite songs being “Rise Above It”, “Deadweight” and “Breaking Down”. But I Prevail also played a couple songs form “Lifelines” and even a couple from older albums. I was honestly amazed by how amazing their singer Brian Burkheiser' voice is live. He sounds exactly like he does on the records and I love that. All the members had lots of energy and so much love to give to their fans. You could see that they wanna be there and that they had lots of fun to perform. They even dedicated one of their songs to their pets at home and I think that’s amazing and so funny. Once they announce a new European tour I’m definitely planing on seeing them again. 

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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