Intervals @ Zoom Club, 9/6/2019

I was lucky enough to catch Canadian progressive metal band Intervals at Zoom in Frankfurt on June 9th. They brought support from Australia with a young band called The Omnific and a Scottish guitarist called Sithu Aye plus band. 

The Omnific started the night off with confusing me a little, because they came on stage with two bassists and a drummer. I thought to myself “That can’t sound good.” But oh was I wrong. I was amazed from their sounds from start to finish. I can definitely say that I fell in love with their music and I’m gonna continue to listen to them 100%. 

Next up was Sithu Aye. Another artist I hadn’t heard of before. He had a very interesting sound, good riffs and definitely got the fans in the right mood for Intervals. I would say Sithu sounds more similar to The Omnific even though I liked the first opener a little better. 

Shortly after, Intervals came on stage. I'd been eagerly anticipating this moment since the tour was announced. The last time I saw them was in 2017, so it’s alreadybeen 1 1/2 years of waiting for them to come back. Intervals' music is my quiet time/chill music. I love not having to focus on lyrics from time to time and they are my favorite artists in that category so it’s really no surprise that I loved their set from second one until the end. It was perfect. Actually, it was almost perfect. They didn’t play any songs from “A Voice Within”, which is my favorite album of theirs but I still enjoyed their set list. They mostly played songs from their latest record (“The Way Forward”) and “The Shape of Colour”. But also 3 songs from “In Time” at the end. I already can’t wait for them to come back. 

Words and pictures by Michelle Ritzmann photography

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