Blog || 10 Bands You Shouldn't Miss at Vainstream Rockfest 2019

Vainstream Rockfest is literally right around the corner, this coming Saturday to be exact, and what better way to celebrate than continue in our festival pilgrimage?

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In this segment, we help festival goers decide which 10 essential bands they shouldn't miss at major European festivals. Although sadly we won't be covering Vainstream this year, we will be there in spirit.  
Ready to see what we have to suggest? Well, keep on reading!

01. While She Sleeps

The Sleeps are conquering over and over again the European crowds, and with good reason. Their shows are lit, their energy is contagious and the singalongs are bloody big. Oh, and frontman Loz Taylor jumps off of things all the time. Their return to the festival will be nothing less than spectacular.
WHEN: 14:05-14:45
WHERE: EMP stage

02. Trivium

Originally built as "the new Metallica", Trivium, with their musicianship and intense stage presence, has grown to a solid status of their own. The direction they took in the recent years may not appeal to everyone, but the evolution is indisputable. 
WHEN: 16:15-16:55
WHERE: Lonsdale stage

03. Harms Way

These heavyweights are known for turning their shows into riots and with good cause. Their unparalleled energy and dedication to their cause has helped them pave their way in modern hardcore and become a household name.
WHEN: 13:00-13:30 
WHERE: Green Hell clubstage

04. State Champs

The pop punk idols are currently raising hell across Europe and the UK while on their headliner tour. Their slot on the billing may be putting them under harsh sun but they will be a very entertaining sight, really worth of your time.
WHEN: 11:10-11:40
WHERE: Lonsdale stage

05. Whitechapel

The deathcore icons released a very interesting (and polarizing) album earlier this year, proving that, if change is the only constant, forward can't be stopped. Whitechapel deliver pure professionalism when it comes to their shows and we definitely recommend that you don't miss them.
WHEN: 12:50-13:25
WHERE: EMP stage

06. Neaera

If you look at the OG European metalcore bands, Neaera is proudly standing out. The band is taking subtle steps into being active again, with participations at a couple festivals a few years back, Impericon festivals last year and a mini tour with Caliban. Whether or not they fully make it back remains to be seen but one thing's certain; we need to cherish every second of their performances.
WHEN: 15-30-16:10
WHERE: EMP stage

07. Architects

After the jaw-dropping Holy Hell tour earlier this year, the Brighton outfit is taking over summer festivals reigning supreme. To be fair, "Holy Hell" as an album didn't hit home with a lot of their fans but take it from our experience; Architects' show will be a roller coaster of emotions.
WHEN: 20:30-21:25
WHERE: EMP stage

08. Turnstile

We usually try to avoid putting the same bands twice in our lists but Turnstile is just THAT good. Their slot sees them in the club stage where they will be in their element. Just a heads up; make sure you get to the venue early. Once packed, you will be stuck in the queue at the entrance.
WHEN: 15:00-15:40
WHERE: Green Hell clubstage

09. Beartooth

After a string of successful tours, Beartooth is back to Europe and the UK for their headlining tour. The band has landed a pretty privileged time slot, allowing their fans to enjoy them without being under scorching sun. 
WHEN: 17:00-17:45
WHERE: EMP stage

10. Booze & Glory

British Oi! punk at its finest. Booze & Glory is appearing after Flogging Molly, Donots and Dropkick Murphys, headlining the club stage, and it's the best way to end your day at the festival; at a drunken party.
WHEN: 22:40-23:30
WHERE: Green Hell clubstage

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