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'Tis that time of the year, friends. As we are preparing for our yearly, physical festival pilgrimage, we have also kickstarted the mental preparation. 

For those who are new to this, let me elaborate. With the oftentimes confusing running orders at festivals and the overabundance of bands, it can be very easy to get lost while trying to figure out where and when the next band is playing. To make our lives easier (end to keep us busy until festival season), every year we create lists with 10 bands no one should miss at a specific festival, complete with the stage times and day of performance.

The first festival in our list for 2019 is Jera On Air, which boasts one of the most interesting diverse lineups of this season (don't believe us? Have a look.)


The metalcore veterans will be playing three exclusive European shows this summer while on their first trip overseas since their reunion, and one of them is none other than Jera On Air. And though it would be easy to promote their latest album, "Love Will Kill All", in this list, sentiment wins and we prepare with the definition of a throwback.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 16:40-17:20
WHERE: Vulture stage

02. Heideroosjes

Continuing in the spirit of exclusive performances, legendary Dutch punk rockers Heideroosjes will be hosting a trip down to memory lane with fan-favorite tunes and a big party.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 20:20-21:20
WHERE: Eagle stage

03. Employed To Serve

There's not a lot of things to say about Employed To Serve. The British phenomenon dropped what appears to be the album of the year so far. The band is known for their incendiary performances and we highly recommend that you don't miss them.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 18:00-18:30
WHERE: Buzzard stage

04. Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive has been taking their stage show into a whole new level over the past couple of years. Whoever attended their winter tour can vouch to the impressive production of their shows, their impeccable artistry and inclusive attitude.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 23:45-01:00
WHERE: Eagle stage

05. Turnstile

Turnstile is on a linear trajectory. Their critically acclaimed latest album, "Time And Space" brought the band to a wider audience, while their shows remained full of their youthful punk rock energy. Don't sleep on them.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 21:20-22:05
WHERE: Vulture stage

06. Bury Tomorrow

Ah yes, our favorite Britishes. It's been a while since we last saw them and it's safe to say we miss them dearly. Bury Tomorrow NEVER disappoints and based on previous experiences, vocalist Dani Winter-Bates will make sure that the crowdsurfers will flow endlessly throughout their set.
WHEN: Thursday June 27, 23:30-00:30
WHERE: Vulture stage

07. First Blood

First Blood is back on the road and this calls for a celebration. With their latest album "Rules" being an instant classic and their powerful shows, the San Francisco outfit proves they will take no prisoners at Jera.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 20:00-20:30
WHERE: Buzzard stage

08. Terror

Speaking of engaging hardcore shows, this list wouldn't be complete without one more veteran band. Terror raised absolute hell during their Total Retaliation Invasion tour late last year and it's high time to continue the party, all in a friendly violent fun manner.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 19:35-20:20
WHERE: Vulture stage

09. Sum 41

We didn't think we'd be including them in the list but here we are. Teenage feels kicked in hard and their recent singles, as we anxiously await the new album, have us on the edge.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 21:55-22:55
WHERE: Eagle stage

Deez Nuts: After celebrating the 10-year anniversary of "Stay True" at Impericon festivals, the partycore outfit is currently on the studio recording the follow-up to 2017's "Binge & Purgatory". Their shows are pure gold and guaranteed to make even haters vibe hard.
Converge: Because. Their shows are an emotional rollercoaster, in the best way possible.
Darko: The British melodic hardcore quintet has made quite a name for themselves in the European scene with their constant presence, shows and festival participation, most notably at Punk Rock Holiday. 

10. Cancer Bats

It's no secret we have a soft spot for Canadian bands. Cancer Bats is probably looking to get a European citizenship by coming over the pond so often but we don't judge; if anything, we wish we could catch them every single time they roll through our areas.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 14:40-15:20
WHERE: Eagle stage

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