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Second installment of our list with 10 essential bands no one should miss at Full Force Festival. Formerly known as With Full Force, it is one of the biggest European metal festivals and taking place on June 28-30. Showcasing a bigger variety of bands with passing every year, it is gradually attracting more diverse crowds of all ages. 
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01. Sick Of It All

Kicking this off with a legendary band. Sick Of It All can turn a lovely crowd into a riot and, to be fair, apart from the usual crowd surfing and stage dives, we may or may not have also seen their fans diving into the crowd from the hoop on a basketball court at an open air festival. And watching their incendiary performance certainly makes us wish to be that flexible in our 50's.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 20:00-20:45
WHERE: Mad Max mainstage

02. Ignite

The OC veterans are back and are stronger than ever. Their shows are always a huge party with political undertones and raw punk rock energy. And judging by the fueled reactions of their usual crowds at club shows, they are bound to shine bright at Full Force too.
WHEN: Sunday June 30, 16:05-16:50
WHERE: Mad Max mainstage

03. Carach Angren

Powerful symphonic tunes? Check. Sinister riffs? Check. Entertaining stage presence? Check. The Dutch outfit is spreading terror across the stages of Europe while on their current run. Would you skip them?
WHEN: Friday June 28, 01:45-02:30
WHERE: Knüppelnacht

04. Alcest

These Frenchies are always in our hearts and missing their performance would be a sacrilege. The band recently signed to Nuclear Blast, also announcing the recording of their 6th studio album, and we are more than eager to see what this new chapter brings for them.

WHEN: Saturday June 29, 20:45-21:30
WHERE: Medusa stage

05. Power Trip

The Texas heavyweights have grown into a force to be reckoned with in the recent years. Their crushing music and exceptional stage shows make a great friendly-violent-fun combination which we highly recommend.
WHEN: Sunday June 30, 19:30-20:15
WHERE: Hardbowl Tentstage

06. Jinjer

The Ukrainians are clearly on a steady path to stardom. Boasting engaging tunes, a dgaf attitude and a tiny lady with a huge voice (and growls), it is no wonder they've been included in some very impressive tour packages lately. We know from experience that you will be blown away by their tight sound and stage energy, so don't sleep on them.
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 19:15-20:30
WHERE: Hardbowl Tentstage

07. Polaris

Another band that is on a linear trajectory. They opened for Architects on their Holy Hell tour earlier this year and have a unique way to win over foreign audiences. Sure, their metalcore may not appeal to all fans of the festival but the fans of the genre will be in for a big surprise.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 17:45-18:30
WHERE: Hardbowl Tentstage

08. Flogging Molly

Nothing says "party" like a celtic punk band. Even if you don't like the folk elements in music, you can't deny that such tunes, let alone by the masters of that genre, will get everyone off their feet.
WHEN: Sunday June 30, 21:45-22:35
WHERE: Mad Max mainstage

09. At The Gates

The sentimental value of this band is great for an entire generation of music lovers. The Swedish pioneers have toured extensively since reforming and never fail to amaze the fans with their face-melting performances. 
WHEN: Saturday June 29, 20:00-20:45
WHERE: Mad Max mainstage

Honorable mentions
Black Peaks: The UK outfit released their acclaimed, sophomore album last year, also their first on Rise Records. A very interesting band to watch.
Lamb Of God: Because teenage kicks are hard to beat.
Animals As Leaders: Modern progressive metal at its finest.

10. Municipal Waste

As long as they're doing (summer) festivals, they will always have a rightful position in our list. Plain and simple. Incredible performers, brilliant shows, top notch energy.
WHEN: Friday June 28, 19:15-20:00
WHERE: Medusa stage

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