Review || Ryker's - "The Beginning... Doesn't Know The End"

German hardcore veterans, Ryker's, return with their tenth full-length studio album, "The Beginning... Doesn't Know The End" on May 31st 2019 via BDHW Records. The album comes four years after "Never Meant To Last" and continues paving the band's successful path. Prior to the release, Ryker's circulated a couple singles to prepare the fans but the reality is, "The Beginning..." hides more aces than I originally expected.

The opening track and single, "Let's Kill The Scene", flies the flag of the band's unapologetic attitude in the album. The recipe is simple; if it speaks to your heart, keep playing -and this is exactly what they're doing. In a strict environment like the hardcore scene it is not always easy to progress without writing the same album over and over. I find that the ingenuity of "The Beginning..." lies exactly on the band's will to challenge the limited confines of their scene and the fact that they have nothing to prove. Their supporters have followed them through thick and thin and are perfectly aware what the band is capable of.
The fifteen tracks of the album have all the components that qualify them as setlist material; old-school vibes, anthemic singalongs, neck-breaking riffage and youthful energy. It is also noteworthy that the tracklisting is far from predictable; the spins and twists are constant, from punkier traits ("Let's Kill The Scene", "No Matter What"), to traditional hardcore passages ("Collateral Damage") to ferocious outbursts ("The Six Million Dollar Band"), to perhaps the most unexpected element, an acoustic ballad with female vocals ("Cold Lost Sick"). Not gonna lie, I had to double-check that I was still listening to the same playlist when it kicked off. 

In my books, "The Beginning..." marks a wonderful return (I would tentatively also use the word "rebrand")  and lives up to its name. It is nothing less than what one would expect from Ryker's. Besides, the band has been a brand name in the European hardcore scene for over 25 years now and have rightfully earned their royalty status.
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