Live Coverage || Polar @ Musik & Frieden, 08/05/2019

I was fortunate enough to catch UK metalcore band Polar on their current headliner „Nova“ tour. They played at Musik&Frieden on May 9th with support by Austrian hardcore band Tripsitter. 

I got into the venue just in time to catch Tripsitter. The quartet started out quiet, but that quickly changed and their hardcore side came out to shine. Their singer performed some incredible vocals. At some points, he didn’t even need a microphone and just screamed into the room. Their music gave off a dark vibe and the lights made that feeling even stronger. They kept it pretty dark and only let it flicker during the choruses. On the last song their drummer and their singer went into the crowd and performed their own little show which was pretty cool. I liked them a lot. 

Shortly after that, Polar came on stage and let me tell you, I was more than stoked to see them again. They started off with “Breathe” and the second song was “Deus Ex Machina” where Frank Slimm jumped in to perform Andrew Nuefeld's part of the song. It was amazing. The vibe in the small venue, the people, everything was so perfect. I haven’t had this much fun at a show in a really long time. I loved the setlist, because of its variety; one would expect it to revolve around "Nova" but it did pay homage to the band's older work. “Blood for Blood” was definitely the rowdiest song of the night. People went nuts! I enjoyed “Midnight” live a lot too. The show ended half-way through “Drive” because a fan in the crowd got injured. She’s doing fine now. I really hope the band will be back soon. For sure one of my favorite shows of the year so far, aside from how the show ended.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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