Live Coverage || Black Tusk @ Temple, 12/5/2019

Black Tusk returned to Athens in early May 2019 with an assailing live show. Unfortunately, the day of the concert being a Sunday was counter-intuitive in terms of attracting people, especially after Friday and Saturday being full of shows in various genres. Those  who did attend the show, however, can vouch that they made the best decision.

By the time I made it to Temple, I had missed Korsikov and Insect Radio was already playing. To be very frank, their music never fully grew on me but having seen them a few times over the years, I do understand the hype around their name. The band has proven over and over that their performances are full of energy and passion, which blends really well with how they interpret their intricate sound.On a side note, I would like to point out that Black Tusk stuck around and watched almost the entirety of Insect Radio's performance.
After a short changeover, it was time for the Savannah outfit to rock our night -cliche, but I'm not even remotely kidding. Black Tusk was incredible, their performance being tight and full of nerve and ferocity. I had never seen the band in the past so their vibrant and unapologetic punk rock attitude really hit home with me and, even though I wasn't officially there to cover the show, I was compelled to get my camera out and start shooting. There was a feeling of intimacy, as if the band was playing in a basement full of people, all while being 100% present in the moment. The collaboration between the three vocalists worked like a charm as their different singing tones, despite any distortion, added a very different note to the end result -and also allowed guitarists Andrew Fidler and Chris Adams to engage into gimmicks and jump around while restlessly headbanging. This show was the best way to beat the pre-Monday blues and I honestly wish I will get to see these guys again soon.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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