Knocked Loose confirms new album, reveals single

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Knocked Loose have announced their hotly anticipated new album "A Different Shade of Blue" - a mammoth of a sophomore release and massive step forward for the band and for hardcore and metal as we know it. Recorded by producer Will Putney, the new LP was approached slower and more methodically. Abandoning the previous 'live in studio' recording approach for something more deliberate, the band cranked out twelve new tracks that deal with all manner of anger, especially loss in lieu of absence. Vocalist and lyricist Bryan Garris found catharsis as well as some of his most intensely personal lyrics to date.

"A Different Shade Of Blue" is due August 23rd via Pure Noise records. Pre-orders are available here.

Lead single "...And Still I Wander South" was revealed today, which Garris explains "is about wanting to move on, or better yourself for whatever reason, but you keep going back to the same old thing. Whether that be depression or whatever you may be going through. You always wander back to the same mindset". 

Knocked Loose, comprised of the young Cole Crutchfield (rhythm guitar), Bryan Garris (vocals), Isaac Hale (lead guitar), Kevin Otten (bass) and Kevin Kaine (drums), have taken a huge leap, moving from upstart hardcore-influenced favorites to bonafide key figures of the genre. Their 2016 debut "Laugh Tracks" was a revelation, taking the world by storm and establishing the band as a major force spanning genres and generations. 
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