Ringworm shares video for "Acquiesce"

© Barb Merritt
Cleveland’s metallic hardcore legends Ringworm share the official video for “Acquiesce” less than one month before the release of their 8th studio album "Death Becomes My Voice". The new video, directed by Don Tyler and Human Furnace, premiered on Consequence of Sound.

Frontman Human Furnace comments: “The 'Acquiesce' video is a sequel to the 'Shades of Blue' video, and actually a third act of an ongoing story, that started with our very first video for 2005’s 'Justice Replaced by Revenge'. It’s another small piece of a larger story, that we’re planning on telling in its entirety, soon, as its own stand-alone short film, this fall. We’ll have a longer directors cut of the video, shortly. It’ll let you in on more of the story told over the course of the 3 videos, complete with storyboard to scene side-by-side comparisons, and a brief outline of the story.”

"Death Becomes My Voice" is due out May 3rd on CD/LP/Digital. Physical packages are available for pre-order via Relapse.com.
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