Interview || The One With Bonnie From Stand Atlantic

Stand Atlantic embarked on a European tour earlier this month. While in Cologne, Michelle Ritzmann had a very interesting and informative chat with singer Bonnie Fraser, who detailed the creation of "Skinny Dipping", female representation in the music industry and what inspires her.
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U: How was the tour, now that it’s almost over? 

Bonnie Fraser: It was very, very cool. Really rewarding and, I’ve been saying this at shows, but when we got told that we had to to a headline tour over the UK and Europe everyone was like “Don’t bother booking that, because no ones gonna show up”. And then all the UK shows sold out and a couple in Europe as well. The shows just have been really full and really cool. I don’t even have proper words for it, cos non of us expected this to got that well. Everything’s well beyond our expectation. Tonight is sold out as well and I’m very exited for the show!

U: Your debut album, “Skinny Dipping” has been out for quite a while now. How has the reception been from the fans? 

B.F.: Cool! Again, I feel like with everything we do, we just completely set the bar so low that we never expect the respond that we get from things and to do this album, obviously we put work and effort into it and we wanted it to be as good as it can be, but even before we released it, you never know, you’re doubting it the whole time asking yourself “Is it good? Are people gonna like it?” So, as soon as we released it and the response that we got has just been like overly positive. And now we’re doing headline shows and stuff just a couple months after releasing it is like more than we could ever thought would happen. It’s very cool and we appreciate all the support and love.

U: Is there any artist that inspires you in any way? Personally or music/work wise?

B.F.: Yeah, in terms of music I think a lot of bigger artists inspire us. We’re really into pop music and stuff like that so when people come along in that world who are different and interesting at doing something unique it always kind of influences the way we go about things. In general we kind of take influence from anything. People we meet, bands we tour with even. That’s a tough question to answer (laughs).

U: What’s your favourite band that you've toured with?

B.F.: I’m gonna say Roam, because this exact venue was our first overseas show ever and it was with them. They brought us out on our first international tour and we got on so well and we’ve done multiple tours with them and stuff. I think they’re kind of like our big brothers in a way. But everyone we tour with is really nice, always. We’ve never had a bad experience with a band on tour. We’re just really lucky I think. Maybe we just can’t see people being dicks and are really oblivious but I’m pretty sure everyone's always been super nice.

U: How do you feel about female participation in roles that were predominantly male?

B.F.: It’s sick. I think we need as many as we can get. There are a lot of people who kind of preach this whole thing with “We need more females on this line up”. But I think it’s sad that some of those people who are saying those things won’t even go and see the bands with females in it and I’m like If you’re gonna be preaching this stuff you gotta go and do it as well. A lot of people sadly miss the mark on that and just talk about it instead of actually going and physically contributing to making this kind of thing happen, so I think  having more girls in bands obviously is sick but I think people on the outside need to kind of just do a bit more. Venting about it on twitter isn’t going to help any of us. 

U: How do you think our generation will have an impact for future musicians?

B.F.: I think we already have. Even back in the day, Avril, P!NK and those big pop stars that were kind of edgy and not the normal pretty girl kind of thing. They definitely influenced me growing up. Billie Eilish is an example for young kids today as well. Be who you are, and if you’re a woman in music you don’t have to sell your body, and you don’t have to be this princess and perfect, you can just be you.

© Michelle Ritzmann
U: They say you have your whole life to write your first album but only a month to write the next. How's the writing and recording process like for you? Do you feel pressured at all?

B.F.: The recording process was intense. Whenever we were home we were writing. And we did 3 weeks of intensive straight writing with our producers and stuff, just kind of got all our ideas together. It was good tho! We recorded it very quickly as well, so I feel like the whole process of the album coming together was really condensed energy that was just like a lot of energy in a short amount of time. I feel like a lot of bands sit on their album for like 6 months and they release it but ours was just like HERE IT IS. It was kind of a blow, but it was still cool! Putting pressure on ourselves and just do it was a good way for us. 

U: Do you feel pressured to release the next album?

B.F.: YES! I always feel pressure. I’m the main songwriter in the band, so I guess it’s always kind of on me and when we go home all the guys are always like “Yey! Some time off” and I’m like “Great for you!” *laughs* I’ll still be writing non stop. I won’t let it affect my daily life tho. I think it’s good to have pressure, cos otherwise you’re kind of stuck in comfortability and nothing cool ever happens when you’re comfortable. You always need push yourself and we’re always thinking of the next thing we can do and how to get better. 

U: If you could cast each member of the band as a superhero/villain, who would each member be?

B.F.: Potter (guitar) would be the Great Goblin or some crap. Jonno (drums) I think would be batman and Miki (bass) would be Robin. I don’t know who the crap I would be. Who’s the coolest? (laughs) [long thinking pause as their tour manager, Neil, entered the room so Bonnie asked him who she would be] 

Neil: Bonnie would probably be Alpha from the Walking Dead. 

B.F.: I don’t know who that is, but I’ll go with that. 

U: What is an album you can listen to without skipping a song?

B.F.: There’s a few. “Channel ORANGE” by Frank Ocean, the new Bring Me The Horizon album (“amo”)… You know when you have a bunch of favourite bands and as soon as someone asks you the question you’re like “Oh, I got nothing.” I think also, the new Billie Eilish album (“WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”) is sick. 

U: Next up is the “Sad Summer Festival” in the US for you. Are you exited? What are your expectations for the tour? 

B.F.: We’re very exited. We have no expectations on the tour itself. I expect that it will be really hot and we’ll be complaining about sweating a lot and we’ll come back wrenching, cos we will be sweating everything out. We’re also gonna see a lot of friends on that tour, which is very fun.

U: Any last words? Can you tell us what you have planed after that?

B.F.: I can not tell you anything *laughs*, but our year is full of plans. There’s definitely stuff coming, so stay tuned. 

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