Review || Inclination - "When Fear Turns To Confidence"

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Inclination is a metallic hardcore straight edge band and the latest addition to Pure Noise Records' ever-growing roster. Followign the announcement of the signing, the band celebrated by dropping a surprise EP, titled "When Fear Turns To Confidence".

Consisting of 5 tracks, it is an unapologetic endeavor. As opening track "When Fear Turns To Confidence" (a motto to live by, if you ask me) starts, it is unclear what the listener should expect. However, as it unfolds, it sports a metallic hardcore character, prone to make even the toughest dudes bob their heads, all while maintaining a poignant side to the guitar melodies. I am genuinely impressed and lose track as we seamlessly pass on to "Vagrant". In just 02:58, the song is a gripping sonic assault. Though not pummeling, intensity is established by the interchanging tempos; the classic hardcore beat is swiftly succeeded by a drastically modern approach, only to build more momentum and find its fierce nature again. Similarly, "Uninhibited" perpetuates the feeling of being forcefully slammed against a concrete wall while "Into The Shadows" nimbly portrays varying inspirations. In under any other circumstances, the structure of the song would appear like a dangerous attempt to bind together a Frankenstein monster of rejected scraps. This however, isn't the case here, as the band successfully connects all the little pieces in such a delicate and intricate way that the culmination not only sounds appealing, but it actually makes sense as the song does a full 360 and returns to the slow, melodic theme of the intro. "Inclination" closes the EP with a bang. It is a brazen statement of the band's core values, that they themselves are here and don't just ask for the listener's attention, they demand it

The thing that is evident throughout the EP is the expert level that Inclination has assimilated both their older influences as well elements of the contemporary American scene -and Knocked Loose guitarist Isaac Hale's presence in the mix is of crucial importance. The way they band translates their frustration and pushes boundaries would be unheard of some years ago. Yet, as young as they may be, they manage to keep a brilliant balance between metal and hardcore. "When Fear Turns To Confidence" is an exceptional piece of music and I am definitely looking forward what further they will bring to the table.

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