Gideon drops surprise EP

Alabama hardcore outfit, Gideon, took fans by surprise with the unannounced release of the two-song EP "No Love/No One". The EP, released via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records is available on streaming platforms and for purchasing here.

On "No Love/No One", Gideon stated: "For us, this EP is about getting more in touch with yourself, and taking the oftentimes difficult steps that it’s gonna take to make that happen. “No Love/No One” is first and foremost about letting go of people that are sucking the life out of you or killing the parts of you that make up who you are. “2 Deep” is about taking the next step. Be honest with yourself, be true to yourself, and work hard to earn your happiness. If you’ve put in the work, you’re already in too deep to give up now. Take what’s yours and nothing less."

The band is about to enter the studio to record their upcoming fifth full-length album, due sometime later this year. Lookls like 2019 will be very busy for Gideon and we are looking forward to their new creative endeavors.
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