Vainstream Rockfest reveals more bands

Vainstream Rockfest has been making sneaky band announcements all day. You know that things are getting real when the festival is 1. confirming bands earlier than usual, 2. the bands are broken down to five separate posts and 3. the final band of the day is teased on Instagram stories with a song. 

Before noon, we got the news about Beartooth joining the ranks of the 2019 edition, followed by Cane Hill and Bad Omens (as our editor Michelle Ritzmann jokingly called shortly before the post). Then, Whatch Out Stampede emerged in the afternoon. The final name for today was Architects, teased with their song, "Nihilist", on an Instagram story before the grand reveal. We are more than happy to catch the band again on Vainstream's grounds and we are impatiently looking forward to the next band reveals.

Vainstream Rockfest takes place in Munster, Germany on June 29th.
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