Live Coverage || Never Say Die! Tour @ Felsenkeller, 24/11/2018

This year's Never Say Die! Tour came to an end last weekend. I attended the last date of the popular mini festival in Leipzig, Felsenkeller. The line up is very different to the one last year,  more "chill” I would say. This year we have Thousand Below and Currents on the list who are both from the USA, Polar and Casey from the UK, ALAZKA hailing from my home country of Germany and our good aussie friends in Northlane. Headliner were Being As An Ocean from the USA.

Fans showed up early for Thousand Below, a post-hardcore/rock band, who played a very energetic set. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guitarist spin around as many times as Devin Chance did. Next up was Currents, a american metalcore band from Connecticut. They caught me by surprise because they haven’t really been on my radar before this tour but I have to say that they are such a good band that I enjoyed to watch a lot. At the end Thousand Below even joined them on stage and they all had their own little party while playing one of Currents songs. After all that happened, Polar showed everyone in the room what british metalcore mixed with hardcore sounds like. Their singer climbed up the barricades to connect even more with his fans and basically screamed in their faces and they screamed back. Then things got a little more quiet in the room, time for Casey to shine. I personally never really could get into their unique sound of emotional hardcore but their fans had a blast and some of them where even crying. ALAZKA slowly got the crowd ready for some heavier songs again. People seemed to be having the best time during their set and the room was full of energy that you could feel in the air. The 6-piece alternative band also had Northlane’s vocalist Marcus Bridge as guest on stage. 

Time for a little speech my Jonny Boucher from Hope For The Day. The organisation achieves proactive suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education through self expression platforms. During the speech the singers of all the bands walked in the barricade and held up lighters or flashlights to show the fans to do the same. It was truly beautiful to watch. 

Northlane started they set with their newest song “Vultures”, which seemed to be a fan-favourite already. Marcus has such a powerful voice and the whole band has a really good stage presence. This is their first tour without their ex-bassist Alex Milovic but their new bassist, Brendon Padjasek, from Toronto filled his place in rather nicely. What a band. Last up were Being As An Ocean as headliner of the tour. I tried to get into them so many times but I just don’t like their music that much. And since I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of their set, I left a little earlier. Quick shoutout to the crew, because I’ve never seen changes during sets happen as quickly as they did that day. 

All pictures curtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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