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Krampus fest was one of the best tour crossovers of the year so I couldn't be happier that it was the last big show of the season for me. The trip to Herford, Germany was long and eventful so by the time I FINALLY made it to the venue, I had missed about the first half of the bands.

Backtrack was setting up when I entered the photopit and went on shortly after. Having already seen them on the Total Retaliation Invasion tour a week prior only made my anticipation grow. The New York outfit has become my favorite live band and with good reason. Their energy on stage is incredible and they always put on a great show. Up next was Counterparts, who at the time was on tour with Stick To Your Guns. Our second encounter this year was nothing short of amazing. Their set included a lot of fan-favorite pit hits from their entire catalogue, such as "Swim Beneath My Skin", "Burn", "You're Not You Anymore" and of course "The Disconnect" with its incendiary singalong in the end. The crowd had thoroughly warmed up at that point and was ready for a new round, this time with Deez Nuts. The band didn't have the best sound when they went on but thankfully it got better eventually. It wasn't the best show I've seen them play -not that it was a bad show by any means, they just seemed a little off. The choice of songs was fitting for the day, as the set kicked off with "Binge/Purgatory" and "What I Got to Do", only to do a 360 and continue with an oldie ("Stay True"). The rest of the set followed a similar back-and-forth pattern, getting the kids pumped for the final couple of bands. Terror, who is currently promoting their latest album, "Total Retaliation", took no prisoners. The band's unapologetic performance had fans off their feet, with numerous crowdsurfers finding their way into the security guards' arms. Time had come for the headliners Stick to Your Guns to make our hearts melt -in the best way possible. Jesse Barnett is one of the most expressive vocalists of our generation and even his harsh vocals never fail to evoke powerful emotions. Throughout the performance, the participation of the crowd was astonishing; kids kept singing along loudly, moshing dancing violently and crowdsurfing, trying to reach the stage. STYG never disappoints and their shows are always memorable.

All pictures by Dearohwell Photography.

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