Live Coverage || You me At Six @ The Academy, 18/11/2018

Although You Me At Six released their sixth album, “VI”, earlier this year, the band is currently doing a string of shows, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut record, “Take off Your Colours”. I caught them in a sold out show Dublin on 18/11, where the band performed for almost two hours, one of the biggest setlists I’ve seen them play.

They got on stage at 9pm, kicking off the set with “Truth Is A Terrible Thing” off of “VI”. Weird start but I’m not complaining! The setlist consisted of hits from their entire discography, while the very energetic band seemed to have a very good time. Even a fight breaking out in the crowd wasn’t enough to ruin the mood. Vocalist Josh Franceschi, without losing his cool solved it and dealt with security, returning to what was important: the show. The Academy was melting but the band’s interaction with the fans kept us going. A little over an hour later, Josh said; “we have one more song left. I’m not gonna say it, I’m not gonna say it. OK, we have 8 more songs left for you Dublin”. Our mind was blown. The band played some tracks off of their latest album and closed the set with “Underdog”. It was lit.

All pictures courtesy of Georgia Bravo photography

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