Live Coverage || August Burns Red, Wage War, Betraying the Martyrs @ Columbia Theater, 23/11/2018

August Burns Red are currently on their European leg of the “Phantom Anthem” tour. The tour also features American metalcore heavyweights Wage War as well as Betraying The Martyrs, hailing from France. I caught the tour in Berlin, at Columbia Theater.

The night started when Betraying The Martyrs came on stage and showed the crowd what french deathcore mixed with metalcore sounds like. They have a unique sound to them thanks to the keyboard player. You don’t see the too often in metal core bands. Next on where Wage War. I had already noticed a lot of fans wearing their merch at the beginning of the show and when they started to play, you could hear them getting louder and louder, hyping up everyone in the room. Wage War played an awesome set full of fan favourites like “Gravity”, “Alive” or “Johnny Cash”. Then… finally, August Burns Red entered the stage. They made sure every last person in the room got up their feet. Crowdsurfers everywhere, moshpits, a wall of death... I could see first row fans smile during the whole set because they were having such a good time. ABR played 15 songs, plus a drum solo that left people speechless. It’s safe to say that every band that night had a great performance with a lot of energy. 

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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